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TTS Method

Time Travel Submission Method


TTS Method
TTS is my pride & joy
TTS - Time Travel Submission Method is the Holistic neurobiological method I developed for the reconstruction of internal time for treating the neurobiological damage of stress, trauma & chronic pain.

After treating trauma for many years, using conventional and holistic methods in disorders that originate from traumatic events, I developed a very effective and safe method that managed successfully to neutralize the brain neurology that is responsible for physical and emotional pain in only a few sessions. The way is derived and has developed from me being specialized in diverse methods such as:

EMDR (in the holistic form)

Voice Dialogue

Exposure therapy



Shamanic breathing techniques

Laughter yoga

Theta healing

Improvisation theatre

Human design study according to the Emin

I am registered under the holistic insurance companies of The Netherlands. I wish to turn this knowledge forward to more holistic practitioners and therapists and individuals. This method is to be used in face-to-face sessions and because of Covid I even managed to turn it into online treatment sessions. After 8 treatments a clear change in the internal quality of life of victims of long and short-term trauma is guaranteed. The survival mode that is turned on most of the day will only be determined by the existing reality. There will be a clear sense of being present in the now. This sensation of being connected and back into their body will bring a lot of easement and the ability to feel pleasure at the moment. This sensation of the present will for itself, without the context of where they are or what they do, be one of the big successes of the treatment. They will not be ‘kidnapped’ anymore by their past if one of their senses recognizes familiar data that is similar to the past traumatizing event(s). So there will be no duality between the now and the past, which will bring focus and clear direction in their path.

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