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Humor Workshop

Turn Your Lemon's into a Lemonade

If you are tired of the drama and you like to divorce it, come to this life-changing workshop.
"Turn your Tragedy into comedy".
This workshop is not to turn people into comedians (unless they want to) but to teach and remind them to use the divine gift of humor and laughter as a tool in daily life to make the heavy part lighter to carry. There is much healing in this work. These days there is a very expensive medicine against cancer that is made of the hormones that the body produces in 5 minutes of laughing.
In short, learn to have fun when the shit hits the fan! Life is too short!
Tamar, who became a standup comedian in the most difficult time of her life, will teach you from her experience how to use your hard times and sick mind in an acceptable funny way so you will enjoy your daily life no matter what!!

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